VST 3 SDK  VST 3.6.14
SDK for developing VST Plug-in
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAudioBusDescription of an Audio Bus
 CAudioEffectDefault implementation for a VST 3 audio effect
 CBufferStreamStream implementation for a memory buffer
 CBusBasic Bus object
 CBusListList of Buses
 CComponentDefault implementation for a VST 3 Component
 CComponentBaseBase class for VST 3 Component and Edit Controller
 CConnectionProxyHelper for creating and initializing component
 CEditControllerDefault implementation for a VST 3 edit controller
 CEditControllerEx1Advanced implementation (support IUnitInfo) for a VST 3 edit controller
 CEditorViewView related to an edit controller
 CEventBusDescription of an Event Bus
 CEventListImplementation's example of IEventList
 CFileStreamStream implementation for a file using stdio
 CHostApplicationImplementation's example of IHostApplication
 CHostAttributeListImplementation's example of IAttributeList
 CHostMessageImplementation's example of IMessage
 CHostProcessDataImplementation's example of ProcessData
 CNoteExpressionTypeNote expression type object
 CNoteExpressionTypeContainerCollection of note expression types
 CParamChangesAutomationTest helper classes: implementation of IParamValueQueue
 CParameterDescription of a Parameter
 CParameterChangesImplementation's example of IParameterChanges - not threadsave!
 CParameterChangeTransferRing buffer for transferring parameter changes from a writer to a read thread
 CParameterContainerCollection of parameters
 CParameterValueQueueImplementation's example of IParamValueQueue - not threadsave!
 CParamPointAutomationTest helper classes
 CPlugInterfaceSupportImplementation's example of IPlugInterfaceSupport
 CPlugProviderHelper for creating and initializing component
 CPresetFileHandler for a VST 3 Preset File
 CEntryInternal structure used for chunk handling
 CProgramListProgramList element
 CProgramListWithPitchNamesProgramListWithPitchNames element
 CRangeNoteExpressionTypeNote expression type object representing a custom range
 CRangeParameterDescription of a RangeParameter
 CReadOnlyBStreamStream representing a Read-Only subsection of its source stream
 CSingleComponentEffectDefault implementation for a non-distributable Plug-in that combines processor and edit controller in one component
 CSpeakerArrayHelper class representing speaker arrangement as array of speaker types
 CStringListParameterDescription of a StringListParameter
 CTestBaseTest Helper
 CTestEnhTest Helper
 CUnitUnit element
 CVSTGUIEditorBase class for an edit view using VSTGUI
 CXmlRepresentationHelperHelper for XML Representation creation
 CCPluginViewPlug-In view default implementation
 CMemoryStreamMemory based Stream for IBStream implementation (using malloc)
 CVSTInterAppAudioAppDelegateBaseBase UIApplicationDelegate class

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