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VST 3 - Audio Unit Wrapper

Helper Class wrapping a VST 3 Plug-in to a Audio Unit v2 Plug-in


The VST 3 SDK comes with an AudioUnit wrapper, which can wrap one VST 3 Audio Processor and Edit Controller as an AudioUnit effect/instrument.

The wrapper is a small dynamic library which loads the VST 3 Plug-in. As AudioUnits store some important information in their resource fork, this library must be compiled for every VST 3 Plug-in.

How does it work?

  • build the auwrapper project (public.sdk/source/vst/auwrapper/auwrapper.xcodeproj)
  • create a copy of the again AU wrapper example project directory (public.sdk/source/vst/auwrapper/again/)
  • rename the copy to your needs
  • edit the target settings of the project and change
    • Product Name
    • Library search path so that it points to the directory where libauwrapper.a exists
    • architecture setting so that it only includes architectures the VST 3 Plug-in supports
  • search in the project for AUWRAPPER_CHANGE and change the settings to your needs, especially in :
    • edit audiounitconfig.h see comments there
    • edit Info.plist see comments there
  • edit the "Make Links Script" for easier debugging/development
  • build your project
  • done... that is all!

For the release version, you must place a copy or an alias of your VST 3 Plug-in in the resource folder of the bundle named "plugin.vst3"


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