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ProcessData Struct Reference

Any data needed in audio processing. More...

#include <ivstaudioprocessor.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ProcessData:

Public Member Functions

 ProcessData ()

Public Attributes

int32 processMode
 processing mode - value of ProcessModes More...
int32 symbolicSampleSize
 sample size - value of SymbolicSampleSizes More...
int32 numSamples
 number of samples to process More...
int32 numInputs
 number of audio input buses More...
int32 numOutputs
 number of audio output buses More...
 buffers of input buses More...
 buffers of output buses More...
 incoming parameter changes for this block More...
 outgoing parameter changes for this block (optional) More...
 incoming events for this block (optional) More...
 outgoing events for this block (optional) More...
 processing context (optional, but most welcome) More...

Detailed Description

Any data needed in audio processing.

The host prepares AudioBusBuffers for each input/output bus, regardless of the bus activation state. Bus buffer indices always match with bus indices used in IComponent::getBusInfo of media type kAudio.

See also
AudioBusBuffers, IParameterChanges, IEventList, ProcessContext

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ProcessData ( )

Member Data Documentation

int32 processMode

processing mode - value of ProcessModes

int32 symbolicSampleSize

sample size - value of SymbolicSampleSizes

int32 numSamples

number of samples to process

int32 numInputs

number of audio input buses

int32 numOutputs

number of audio output buses

AudioBusBuffers* inputs

buffers of input buses

AudioBusBuffers* outputs

buffers of output buses

IParameterChanges* inputParameterChanges

incoming parameter changes for this block

IParameterChanges* outputParameterChanges

outgoing parameter changes for this block (optional)

IEventList* inputEvents

incoming events for this block (optional)

IEventList* outputEvents

outgoing events for this block (optional)

ProcessContext* processContext

processing context (optional, but most welcome)


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