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DataEvent Struct Reference

Data event specific data. More...

#include <ivstevents.h>

Public Types

enum  DataTypes { kMidiSysEx = 0 }
 Value for DataEvent::type. More...

Public Attributes

uint32 size
 size in bytes of the data block bytes More...
uint32 type
 type of this data block (see DataTypes) More...
const uint8bytes
 pointer to the data block More...

Detailed Description

Data event specific data.

Used in Event (union)

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum DataTypes

Value for DataEvent::type.


for MIDI system exclusive message

Member Data Documentation

uint32 size

size in bytes of the data block bytes

uint32 type

type of this data block (see DataTypes)

const uint8* bytes

pointer to the data block


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