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Prefetchable Support

Indicates that the Plug-in could or not support Prefetch (dynamically).

  • [plug imp]
  • [extends IComponent]
  • [released: 3.6.5]
  • [optional]

The Plug-in should implement this interface if it needs to dynamically change between Prefetchable or not. By default (without implementing this interface) the host will decide in which mode the Plug-in will be process. For more info about Prefetch processing mode check ProcessModes::kPrefetch documentation.


tresult PLUGIN_API myPlug::getPrefetchableSupport (PrefetchableSupport& prefetchable)
prefetchable = kIsNeverPrefetchable;
switch (myPrefetchableMode)
case 0: prefetchable = kIsNeverPrefetchable; break;
case 1: prefetchable = kIsYetPrefetchable; break;
case 2: prefetchable = kIsNotYetPrefetchable; break;
return kResultOk;

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