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VST 3 Data Types


typedef char16 TChar
 UTF-16 character. More...
typedef TChar String128 [128]
 128 character UTF-16 string More...
typedef const char8CString
 C-String. More...
typedef int32 MediaType
 media type (audio/event) More...
typedef int32 BusDirection
 bus direction (in/out) More...
typedef int32 BusType
 bus type (main/aux) More...
typedef int32 IoMode
 I/O mode (see The Simple Mode) More...
typedef int32 UnitID
 unit identifier More...
typedef double ParamValue
 parameter value type More...
typedef uint32 ParamID
 parameter identifier More...
typedef int32 ProgramListID
 program list identifier More...
typedef int16 CtrlNumber
 MIDI controller number (see ControllerNumbers for allowed values) More...
typedef double TQuarterNotes
 time expressed in quarter notes More...
typedef int64 TSamples
 time expressed in audio samples More...
typedef uint32 ColorSpec
 color defining by 4 component ARGB value (Alpha/Red/Green/Blue) More...
typedef float Sample32
 32-bit precision audio sample More...
typedef double Sample64
 64-bit precision audio sample More...
typedef double SampleRate
 sample rate More...
typedef uint64 SpeakerArrangement
 Bitset of speakers. More...
typedef uint64 Speaker
 Bit for one speaker. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef char16 TChar

UTF-16 character.

typedef TChar String128[128]

128 character UTF-16 string

typedef const char8* CString


typedef int32 MediaType

media type (audio/event)

typedef int32 BusDirection

bus direction (in/out)

typedef int32 BusType

bus type (main/aux)

typedef int32 IoMode

I/O mode (see The Simple Mode)

typedef int32 UnitID

unit identifier

typedef double ParamValue

parameter value type

typedef uint32 ParamID

parameter identifier

typedef int32 ProgramListID

program list identifier

typedef int16 CtrlNumber

MIDI controller number (see ControllerNumbers for allowed values)

typedef double TQuarterNotes

time expressed in quarter notes

typedef int64 TSamples

time expressed in audio samples

typedef uint32 ColorSpec

color defining by 4 component ARGB value (Alpha/Red/Green/Blue)

typedef float Sample32

32-bit precision audio sample

typedef double Sample64

64-bit precision audio sample

typedef double SampleRate

sample rate

typedef uint64 SpeakerArrangement

Bitset of speakers.

typedef uint64 Speaker

Bit for one speaker.


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