Steinberg VST SDK 3 Overview

Licensing Agreement   VST3_License_Agreement.pdf, VST 3 Usage Guidelines
base   SDK Base
bin   SDK Binaries (like PluginTestHost installers)
       Mac OS X   Tools for macOS X platform (32 & 64 bit)
       Windows 32 bit   Tools for Windows 32Bit platform
       Windows 64 bit   Tools for Windows 64Bit platform
cmake   cmake Files
doc   VST SDK Documentation
      artwork   VST Logo Artwork
pluginterfaces   Interface Files
      base   Basic Interfaces
      gui   GUI Interfaces
      test   Test Interfaces
      vst   VST 3 Interfaces
public.sdk   SDK Source Files
       samples   Documentation
             vst   VST 3 Plug-in samples
                   adelay   ADelay sample
                   again   AGain sample
                   again_aax   AGain AAX sample
                   channelcontext   Channel Context Info sample
                   common   common stuff for multiple Plug-ins
                   hostChecker   VST 3 HostChecker sample
                   InterAppAudio   VST 3 InterAppAudio sample
                   legacymidiccout   Legacy MIDI CC Out sample
                   mac   macOS X tools
                   mda-vst3   mda VST 3 samples
                   note_expression_synth   Note Expression Synth sample
                   note_expression_text   Note Expression Text sample
                   pitchnames   Pitchnames sample
                   prefetchablesupport   Prefetchable Support sample
                   programchange   Program Change Support sample
             vst-hosting   VST 3 Hosting samples
                   audiohost   Application Processing the Plug-in using Jack
                   editorhost   Application showing the Plug-in editor
                   validator   Validator Console Application using unity tests
            common   Base Classes
            main   Base Classes
            vst   VST 3.x Base Classes
            vst2.x   VST 2.x Base Classes
vstgui4   VSTGUI 4.x Library Version
       vstgui   VSTGUI source code
                Documentation   VSTGUI Documentation

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