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Base Module


Base contains many useful classes, such as templates and containers that are also used internally by Steinberg, but may also well fit for the quick deployment of your own Plug-ins.
However, this is just an option, you can of course also write your own classes or employ other frameworks.
Most prominent and useful are the Steinberg::String and Steinberg::ConstString classes, since they provide Unicode support and can be universally used on both, Mac and Win, so you're encouraged to utilize them throughout your Plug-in development.


IPtr Smart Pointer

  • Steinberg::IPtr is a new smart pointer intended to be used with any class derived from Steinberg::FUnknown.
  • It can be used in template containers and is the base class for Steinberg::FUnknownPtr.
  • Steinberg::IPtr does not do a queryInterface like Steinberg::FUnknownPtr does.
  • Steinberg::OPtr is the 'owning' variant of Steinberg::IPtr and does not increment the reference counter on assignment, only on destruction



The dependency concept can be considered as a observer pattern implementation.

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