Interface Technology Basics  VST 3.6.14
SDK for developing VST Plug-in
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CIEventHandlerLinux event handler interface
 CIRunLoopLinux host run loop interface
 CITimerHandlerLinux timer handler interface
 CConstStringTableConstant unicode string table
 CFReleaserRelease an interface using automatic object (obsolete)
 CFUIDHandling 16 Byte Globally Unique Identifiers
 CFUnknownThe basic interface of all interfaces
 CFUnknownPtrFUnknownPtr - automatic interface conversion and smart pointer in one
 CFVariantA Value of variable type
 CIAttributesObject Data Archive Interface
 CIAttributes2Extended access to Attributes; supports Attribute retrieval via iteration
 CIBStreamBase class for streams
 CICloneableInterface allowing an object to be copied
 CIDependentA dependent will get notified about changes of a model
 CIErrorContextInterface for error handling
 CIPersistentPersistent Object Interface
 CIPlugFrameCallback interface passed to IPlugView
 CIPluginBaseBasic interface to a Plug-in component
 CIPluginFactoryClass factory that any Plug-in defines for creating class instances
 CIPluginFactory2Version 2 of class factory supporting PClassInfo2
 CIPluginFactory3Version 3 of class factory supporting PClassInfoW
 CIPlugViewPlug-in definition of a view
 CIPlugViewContentScaleSupportPlug-in view content scale support
 CIPtrIPtr - Smart pointer template class
 CISizeableStreamStream with a size
 CIStringInterface to a string of variable size and encoding
 CIStringResultInterface to return an ascii string of variable size
 CIUpdateHandlerHost implements dependency handling for plugins
 CKeyCodeSimple data-struct representing a key-stroke on the keyboard
 COPtrOPtr - "owning" smart pointer used for newly created FObjects
 CPClassInfoBasic Information about a class provided by the Plug-in
 CPClassInfo2Version 2 of Basic Information about a class provided by the Plug-in
 CPClassInfoWUnicode Version of Basic Information about a class provided by the Plug-in
 CPFactoryInfoBasic Information about the class factory of the Plug-in
 CUStringUTF-16 string class without buffer management
 CUStringBufferUTF-16 string with fixed buffer size
 CViewRectGraphical rectangle structure

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